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We present to you our new range of printed caps for children.

Raising a new generation of Smugglers isn't easy, so we've worked hard to ensure:
  • Your favorite Budgy prints: We keep your children stylish while providing them with optimal sun protection during their outdoor adventures. Iconic and colorful prints that your children will love to wear! From fun to adventurous themes, there is something for the different tastes of every young explorer.
  • Unfailing comfort : made with soft and breathable materials, our colorful caps are perfect for your little ones explorers. They'll be in ultimate comfort all day long, no matter whether their adventures are at the beach at school or at the park.
  • Absolute protection: Our caps are more than a fashionable accessory, they offer UPF 50+ protection and help protect your children from harmful UV rays. Everything is under control, you can relax, they are stylish and protected!
  • An adjustable size: Equipped with an adjustable strap, these caps grow with your children and provide them with adjustable and permanent comfort. No more need to enlarge their favorite caps.
  • Durable and easy to clean: Budgy Smuggler's commitment to quality means these caps are built to brave countless adventures. Very easy to clean, they will retain their freshness for the first few days.
  • Kid tested, parent approved: The style and durability of our new printed caps has been tested by young adventurers . Parents, you can trust that your children will be happy and protected.