Budgy Smuggler France

Are you prepped and ready to take your swimwear game to a new level? Pick up a pair of Budgy Smugglers online now and make a bold summer swimwear fashion statement that doesn’t take life too seriously.

Budgy Smuggler presents a modern, unique dimension of Australian swimwear that’s overflowing with style, with comfort to match! No more spending your summers with the same old boring set of swimwear — free the thighs with some brilliant and eye-catching swimwear today.

Men’s Swimwear — Whether you've got a hankering to declare your sports obsession or proudly flaunt your love for rubber ducks, our Australian swimwear range has got you covered, quite literally. We've got something for every sophisticated gentleman out there who refuses to settle for ordinary beach attire.

Women’s Swimwear — ladies, we've got you covered with our fabulous range of swimwear, proudly made in Australia. Whether you're into sleek one-piece racers or sassy tops and bottoms, we've got the perfect summer ensemble for every body shape and type.

Children’s Swimwear — Surprise! We've also thought of the little ones and have created something fun for them, too! We offer a wide range of options for kids, including long-sleeved rash vests, one-piece suits, and even flamingo-themed swim trunks that will make them stand out at their upcoming pool party. Rest assured, we've got it all covered.
Bright, Fun Prints — infatuatied by the jaw-dropping Australian made swimwear prints gracing our store? Dive into the ocean of options and swim your way to the perfect match for you!. Need something remarkable to appeal to the masses? How about coconuts, animals, chillis, or mind-bending prints that will have people stare in wonder? Dive into our shop and take your pick from the epic Australian swimwear collection. Let your personality burst with style and leave everyone wondering, "Where did you get those?!" Design your own swimwear.

DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUR VERY OWN DESIGNS?! To make your own swimwear design, send us a the details for the list below and we can help make your idea become a reality: Due Date? Your team, club or event How many items do you need? A detailed description of your design idea Upload logo files / images we can use. Get your swimwear online today We’re here to make sure you make a statement on the beach or on the field, which is why we have some speedy and effective delivery options available. Once you choose which Australian swimwear you love the most online, you can choose either standard or express post.