The most beautiful “Goose Step” in the world!

We are looking for the most beautiful
“No Goose”
in the world !

Show us your best “Goose Step” and give yourself the chance to win big prizes of Budgy Smuggler & Smuggettes.

Every eligible entry wins a Free Budgy!

How to participate :

1. Put on your best Buddy Smuggler / Smuggettes

2. Choose a location from our list of recommended locations below (a popular public place where people are likely to react)

3. Film your “Goose Step” and post it on your Instagram account or on your TikTok Feed (note that your profile must be public); adds #TheGreatGoosey and tags @budgysmugglerfrance.

Once finished, submit your application here:

Recommended Places:

  1. In front of an emblematic place

  2. In public transports

  3. In a bar, restaurant, pub or club

  4. In the middle of the crowd at a sporting event (without breaking the laws)

  5. To a wedding

Note: If you break any laws or injure yourself or anyone else, you will be disqualified. Be responsible and careful when carrying out your “Goose Step”

The prize to be won:

You will be judged according to the criteria of our jury, and each participation meeting the requested criteria will receive a free Budgy!

At the end of the competition, we will select the top 10, who will each win $1000 (or equivalent) to spend at Budgy!

What happens if my “Goose Step” is truly exceptional? Is there a special prize for the world “Goose Step” champion?

YES ! This will be judged by the Greatest Goose Step Connoisseur himself, and based on the level of admiration you inspire in him.

The winner of the most beautiful “Goose Step” in the world will be rewarded with *:

  • €600 to spend on Budgy

  • €3000 in cash

  • A magnificent “Goose Step” trophy

*or the equivalent in GBP/AUD .

*Jury criteria:

  • Goose step quality.

  • Quality of the chosen location.

  • Ability to make the jury laugh.

  • Bonus points if you shout “Goooooseeeeeyyyyyyy” really loud.

Terms and conditions :

- The competition starts on April 1st and ends on April 30th.

- Participants must only wear their Budgy Smuggler or Smugglettes.

- The “Goose Step” must be performed in a public place.

- The decision as to whether or not an entry is eligible to win a free Budgy will be made at the discretion of Budgy Smuggler.

- The free Budgy jersey will be won in the form of a voucher for the same amount as the Budgy worn by the participant. (e.g. men's swimsuit, women's two-piece/one-piece swimsuit, etc.)

- The amount of the voucher will be equivalent to the price of a jersey in the region from which you posted it and excludes shipping costs.

- The participant will be contacted by Instagram or TikTok and will have to fill out a form, the voucher will then be sent at the end of the competition.

- The first 500 successful registrations will receive a free Budgy.

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