FAQs ?

Want to know more, but don't want to call us? Here are the most frequently asked questions!

What does Budgy Smuggler mean?

Budgy Smugglers , what doesnt it mean? Means freedom, good times, best mates and a few beers. But if we had to be specific Budgys are small bird in Australia and it looks like your smuggling a bird down the front of your pants.

Where do you manufacture?

We manufacture our swimwear in Sydney Australia.

How did it all start?

It all started with a prank between friends, writing "Budgy Smuggler" on the back of a swimsuit. A few people found it funny, so we created a small website to sell online. We were hoping it would become popular...

Why manufacture in Australia when you can manufacture overseas for much less?

At Budgy Smuggler, we focus on the quality of our products, not the price.

Australia has a long and proud tradition of designing and producing swimwear. This is the birthplace of the Budgy Smuggler (commonly known as a b*te mold) style swimsuit. We are proud to carry on this tradition.

We have invested heavily in our manufacturing, which allows us to be a world leader.

Plus, when you put on a pair of Smugglers/Smugglettes, we want you to feel like you're wearing a real garment made with love. We want you to feel like you're literally wearing a part of Australia.

You seem to be involved in many community events and organisations, is that important to you?

We started with a few friends who smuggled for laughs... It was our own little community. We never intended to become a company or a brand, so we always followed the things that interested us and that involved community initiatives.

At Budgy Smuggler, we want to have a reputation for quality. When we think about it, we don't just think about making quality products that make people smile, but also about being a quality brand that cares about people - our team, our colleagues and the wider smuggling community.

We never cared too much about making money. For the first decade of Budgy Smuggler's history, we lost money (it was one of the most expensive hobbies of all time) and had other jobs/loans to keep the business going. business afloat and growing it... But we've also been able to get involved in community initiatives and do things like co-host Strut the Streets which raised a quarter of a million Australian dollars over this period for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME). While from a P&L perspective it didn't make sense in the short term, in the long term we believe in a "twist and turn" approach and we were fortunate that events like Strut the Streets helped us to build up a loyal following.

Many professional athletes wear Budgies when they play sports. For what ?

We thought that rather than answering this question ourselves, we're going to ask a few athletes to answer...

"Budgy Smuggler gave me the security downstairs to make my career upstairs" - Jack Nowell of the England rugby team .

" It's just a new level of support when I'm in scrum" - Wallaby Tatafu Polata-Nau

Since I've been wearing them, I've hit the ball much more cleanly and I haven't been called a champion in training once" - Faf du Plessis

"The Smugglettes really help you turn defense into attack" - Ellia Green, Olympic Gold Medalist in Rugby 7s.